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Sorry that the Works database has been offline for so long - things should be almost back to normal now. We lost the old database and it had to be rebuilt. We lost all the previous comments and ratings unfortunately, but onward and upward - it'll be better than it was before. Latest enhancements:

  • Audio player now supports iPhones and iPads (although there's a bug with menus disappearing on iPads)
  • Updated info and links for many marches

Thanks for your patience; looking forward to a great July 4th season!

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David Lovrien

David Lovrien

Sousa site creator David Lovrien is a software professional and musician living in Plano, Texas.

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  • Hans Pedersen Dambo

    Hans Pedersen Dambo

    25 June 2012 at 03:37 |
    Nice to see that the database is back on line again. But I think there should be 137 marches. I miss Circus March.
    Another thing I miss very much since several years is your online concerts that I really appreciated as there is some distance between Sweden and Dallas making it quite difficult for me to attend to your concerts in Dallas.
    As chairman of the Swedish Sousa Society I really find your website very valuable!
  • David Lovrien

    David Lovrien

    25 June 2012 at 21:21 |
    Hello Hans - I'm going by the standard in Bierley's book so I don't count marches that were part of suites (i.e., Easter Monday on the White House Lawn) or stage productions (i.e., Circus March). But this is an interesting subject and someone should write an article about it!
  • Hans Pedersen Dambo

    Hans Pedersen Dambo

    26 June 2012 at 00:47 |
    Hello David,
    by the standard in which of Bierley's books?
    In both "A Descriptive Catalog... and "The Works of John Philip Sousa Bierley describe Circus March in the chapter "Marches". That´s why I miss "Circus March" but not "Easter Monday".
    Concerning Circus March Bierley says that it "was obviously written for a stage production but which one may never be known".
    • David Lovrien

      David Lovrien

      27 June 2012 at 10:18 |
      Bierley begins his Marches section with "Sousa wrote 136 marches", even though he lists the Circus March (which has no date or other info).
      • Hans Pedersen Dambo

        Hans Pedersen Dambo

        27 June 2012 at 13:09 |
        Of course Bierley said "136" marches as his books were published in the 1970's and 1980's long before "Library of Congress" was recognized as a march. I would guess that Bierley today might accept mentioning 137 Sousa marches. We know for sure that Bierley included Circus march in the number of 136 marches. Without claiming to be an expert I dare say that the Circus March is onlly known and existing as a stand alone march that is only supposed to be included in another work that is unknown.
        Therefore I am still claiming that Circus March ought to be included in the list of Susa marches.
        I hope that you can see in the thread above that you are contradicting yourself saying that you follow Bierley's standard when yoy in fact don't follow it when your reason not to list Cicus March is that it is supposed to be part of a stage production while Bierley lists it mentioning that some marches are not listed in order to avoid double listing.
        He is still listing Circus March and you are not. I can't get my brain to understand in what way you are following Bierley's standard.
        Can't you just admit that you made a mistake not listing Circus March or else give as a trustworthy explanation why not listing it.

        It would also be interesting to hear why El Capitan is listed as a march?

        I'm not trying to be mean but am sicerely interested in this disussion that eg could include famous opera marches by Verdi, Donizetti and others. Or, can Strauss waltzes be listed as waltzes if they are included in a ballets or operettas?

        Should we try to find a new way of listing by mentioning the context of the single piece like "The Thunderer March, Circus March from an unknown stageproduction, El Capitan March from the operetta El Capitan, The Washigton Post etc, etc ?

        It would really be nice to hear opinions from other persons too :-)

  • Hans Pedersen Dambo

    Hans Pedersen Dambo

    11 September 2012 at 03:18 |
    I find it very sad that you still haven´t replied to my comments of June 27.
    As rhe reason hadly can depend on an owerflow of participiants in the blog
    I cannot recommend my friends to visit this blog...
    or should I just to show them how it is managed?
  • David Lovrien

    David Lovrien

    12 September 2012 at 01:58 |
    I found your argument convincing and I will probably take your advice when time allows. I have tried to create a site that allows discussion and participation but as you can see it doesn't get a lot of comments despite the large number of visitors.
  • Hans Pedersen Dambo

    Hans Pedersen Dambo

    12 September 2012 at 02:16 |
    Thank you, David!

    I'm very glad to hear that.
  • Thomas Ewing

    Thomas Ewing

    04 July 2016 at 12:56 |
    Welcome back, Dave, and happy 240th Independence Day. Having an abiding fondness for all things Sousa these past 51 years, I've wondered why Mr. Sousa chose to name a lovely song (Pet of the Petticoats) a march and a brilliant, stirring march (We Are Coming) a song. Artistic license, I suppose. To the best of my knowledge, our friend the March King didn't write a circus march nor a Hymn, but not for lack of talent. Feel free to chat on most any topic- I'm retired with lots of free time. God bless.
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