The Sousa Band 1910-11 World Tour

The World meets the Sousa Band

The Sousa Band 1910-11 World Tour

On December 24, 1910, the Sousa Band embarked on a world tour. Although not the first group to travel around the world, the publicity generated was immense (although the financial rewards were only modest). Sousa's reputation, marches and recordings preceded him; he and the band were welcomed as conquering heroes at every port.

Sousa was in poor health at the beginning of the tour, having contracted malaria during hunting trip in the fall of 1910. After spending two weeks in the hospital, he met the band in mid-tour in Montreal and finished a series of "farewell" concerts before sailing from New York on December 24.

Soloists for the tour were Virginia Root (soprano), Nicoline Zederer (violin), Herbert L. Clarke (cornet), John J. Perfetto (euphonium), Ralph Corey (trombone), Paul J. Senno (piccolo), Joseph Norrito (clarinet) and Joseph Marthage (harp).

Here is a summary of their itinerary (for a complete list of tour stops, consult Paul Bierley's The Incredible Band of John Philip Sousa):

  • Jan 9-Mar 3 1911: England, Ireland
  • Mar 24-Apr 21: South Africa
  • May 12-Aug 23: Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand
  • Sep 10-Oct 15: Hawaii, Western Canada & U.S.
  • Oct 23-Dec 1: Midwestern U.S. (TX, OK, KS, MO, NE, IA, WI, MN, MI, IL, OH)
  • Dec 4-Dec 10: NY

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  • Robert E. Lee, MD, from Pgh,PA

    Robert E. Lee, MD, from Pgh,PA

    22 December 2012 at 01:30 |
    My Mother, Margaret O'Halloran Lee cared for the Mother of the Treasurer of the JPS's Band. When the Band toured Northeast England -Durham in 1911 Mother was encouraged to come to Brooklyn N.Y to care for this elderly woman. This was the event that brought my Irish Mother to the USA. Can you tell me anything abour the Treasurer's name or any details of this Treasurers family
  • Catherin Moore

    Catherin Moore

    26 September 2013 at 08:23 |
    My Great Grandfather, Benjamin Fearillo (Rill), by marriage, was one of JPS's band members. I have always been proud of that fact and share stories my mother told me with my sons.
  • Frank Ferraro

    Frank Ferraro

    10 July 2015 at 04:58 |
    My maternal grandfather was euphonium soloist John J Perfetto. We have numerous photos and other keepsakes from not only this tour but many other tours and Sousa history. We actually still have my Grandfather's euphonium.
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