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The John Philip Sousa Home Page has been the best resource on the web for Sousa information for 15 years now, but it's been due for an overhaul. Quite a bit has been added and things have been reorganized accordingly. And I'm far from finished! Here are some of the new features of the new site:

  • A new database of Sousa's compositions, including a separate page for each of his 136 marches, operettas, songs, etc. Each page features audio, video, images of the sheet music, program notes and more!
  • The new database index includes a full listing of works as before, plus an alphabetic search (click a letter to see all works starting with that letter) and a index for each category which includes images.
  • Registered users can rate compositions. Vote for your favorites!
  • A new blog-based article system. The old articles have been moved there, and I'll be adding more. Would love to publish your Sousa articles here as well!
  • Leave comments on any composition page, article or blog entry, and share the links on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Look forward to your feedback, and appreciate you helping spread the word!
  • Enhanced instant search feature - find what you're looking for FAST!
  • A new photo gallery with images collected from far and wide

There is still much work to do and I am polishing the rough spots as fast as I can. Hope you enjoy... I've learned so much from all of you over the years and I hope these features will keep us better in touch going forward!

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David Lovrien

David Lovrien

Sousa site creator David Lovrien is a software professional and musician living in Plano, Texas.

Comments (5)

  • Jan Nace

    Jan Nace

    05 April 2013 at 06:59 |
    Hello David, I have been reading your articles & find them very interesting, l was wondering if you know anything about any of the members that were in Sousa's band, her name was Shirley C. Thompson , the information l have says she was a Bassonist in John Phillip Sousa's World Famous Orchestra. If you know any information at all, it would really be appreciated. Thank you so much.
  • Barry Owen Furrer

    Barry Owen Furrer

    07 March 2015 at 04:41 |
    Dear Ms. Nace,
    Regarding your query, allow me to clarify a couple of points: bassoonist Sherley Thompson was a man who performed in Sousa's organization which was a concert band, not orchestra, from 1921 - 1924. He held positions with other notable bands including the Long Beach (CA) Municipal Band and Arthur Pryor's Band. With a love for the game of baseball, he is credited for compiling the first comprehensive baseball encyclopedia. I hope this is helpful to you.
    Barry Owen Furrer
  • Sherri Hodies

    Sherri Hodies

    30 April 2015 at 16:37 |
    Hi David, great job on the website. We are looking for Perry Hodes who played with John Phillip Sousa. He auditioned for the band around 1917 and we are almost positive was in the Chicago March in the same year. We have a faded picture at this time with the band and the naval yard arches behind them. We have seen the band about this time marching in Chicago in a pbs TV clip but we can't tell if my father in laws father is in the clip. He also was on the Imperator and so any pics of the band on this ship would be so awesome. My father in law, I call him Pop, would absolutely be so grateful. Perry Hoey Hodes also played for the King and Queen of Wales around 1919 and Prince Edward VIII asked Pops dad if he could play his drum. The Prince signed his drums but the drums have been destroyed. So in closing, name is Petty Officer First Class Perry Hoey Hodes, Musician First Class Honorable Discharge 9/13/19 at Great Lakes NTS, IL. Thank you thank you thank you sooooo much.
  • Rebecca


    07 August 2015 at 11:26 |
    can you tell me how the Sousaphone got it's name. My granddaughter a senior in high school has played it since 6th grade. It was the only instrument she wanted to play in 4th grade but because she was so tiny they talked her into a baritone! She still isn't much taller but she loves her Sousaphone!
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