Untitled march

Written shortly before his death, Sousa's "The Untitled March" was never performed during his lifetime because a page of the original was misplaced until it was located by Sousa researcher Loras Schissel in 1989. Keith Brion & Loras Schissel restored the missing music and then edited the march to conform to the standard performance practices of that time using Sousa's original copy.

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  • Year: 1930
  • Key: F major, B-flat major
  • Time: 6/8
  • Perf. Time: 4:13

Comments (4)

  • Thomas Edgar Ewing

    Thomas Edgar Ewing

    26 July 2012 at 12:19 |
    I wonder how many titles have been proposed for this fine march? Would JPS IV approve? How would one get a title approved? My humble suggestion, since I am a teacher, is the Spirit of Education. God bless!
  • Kelly Mortenson

    Kelly Mortenson

    10 January 2013 at 07:35 |
    Perhaps it should be titled "The March of Time" since it's his final composition(?) combined with the mystery of one page having been missing for over 50 years. What an awesome, universal statement this would make!
  • Scott Goudie

    Scott Goudie

    08 February 2013 at 17:00 |
    I think the march should be called "Do Well and Persevere".
  • Barry Fomberstein

    Barry Fomberstein

    14 September 2014 at 18:18 |
    How about "Wild Bank", the name of the Sousa home, or "Sands Point", the town in which it is located?

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